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Categories of dishes

Tasty snacks for your enjoyment on HOT WOK BEIJING

Frying pan WOK is a very popular trend in cooking recently, because in it you can prepare almost any dish. But traditionally it is used for the preparation of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, so many restaurants and cafes of Krivoy Rog is a device used as a grill and pans. The famous Chinese dish for delivery - noodles, also prepared on this pan and there are about a hundred of its options using a variety of ingredients and sauces. You can also order the spicy noodles, which is cooked in a frying pan WOK, restaurant HOT BEIJING. Despite the fact that the paste is considered a very high-calorie dish, oriental noodles very diet, because they are not being prepared with wheat flour, rice or buckwheat with, so even if you practice proper nutrition, you still approach it treats.

Order Japanese sushi and rolls with delivery in Krivoy Rog

In any eastern restaurant and the cafe is in the Japanese sushi menu, as it is one of the most popular dishes in Ukraine, including in Krivoy Rog. Therefore, online a large selection of sushi and rolls delivery, particularly in the restaurant HOT BEIJING. Here you can buy and the individual rolls, and great snacks for the company in a different price category. There are small sets of two hundred and fifty grams, which is well suited for couples, and also treats kilogram, if you decide to invite your friends to a movie or simply for fresh sushi. Prompt delivery of dishes will bring your order in any of the areas of Krivoy Rog and you do not have to wait for your meal an infinite amount of time, and after all that is why many do not order food online.

The most delicious sets and other oriental dishes in Krivoy Rog

Restaurant HOT BEIJING offers its customers a wide variety of oriental dishes, but the corona is Udon refreshments. Those who have never tried this meal, just can not remain indifferent, because it is a wonderful combination of spices, delicious ingredients and sauce, which together gives a very intense and unusual taste. You can create your own set by the variety of noodles, chicken, pork, beef or seafood, as well as your favorite sauce, and then order the kit for home delivery via service. In addition to these delicacies, the menu has a great variety of soups, salads, hot dishes and snacks, is a variety of vegetables, meat, cereals and even European treats.